Each ministry leader is accountable and responsible for the effectiveness of their respective ministry. Ministry leaders are to set the vision and direction of the organization.  They should understand their ministry’s function in the overall vision of the church.  The leader role is to utilize their membership in seeking to reach its goals.

 Ministry Leaders should have:

  • regularly scheduled monthly or bi-monthly meetings
  • a secretary or recorder for minutes of monthly meetings and
  • an understanding of their ministry’s budget

Ministry leaders are required to hold annual elections for positions within their organizations and to present a slate of officers to the Pastor within 30 days of the new Conference Year.  The Pastor or his designee (a member of the Pulpit Staff) will preside over the annual elections after the slate has been approved.

All lay ministry leaders have been assigned a ministerial liaison to assist them in achieving the desired goals for their ministry.  Ministry leaders are responsible for keeping the ministerial liaison abreast of current issues and concerns.

Note: Boards or organizations that have not been assigned a ministerial liaison should continue to report directly to the pastor.