We are glad you have taken an interest in Bethel Church of Morristown. We hope that you will plan to visit us, because we are confident that you will discover answers to some of the big questions you have been asking. It may give you comfort to know that you will not be alone in your search for truth and real community.

We worship a Great God and believe that we know God through the life, ministry and resurrection of Jesus the Christ as well as the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. There are no perfect people at Bethel, but everyone is committed to improving their personal relationship with Jesus and loving their neighbors. You will meet others who have had Great Beginnings at Bethel and you will also experience Great Fellowship.

Teresa (my wife) and I hope to be in Morristown for a long time. We enjoy meeting new people; and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to invite you into our home (the church’s parsonage) as well as into the life of this warm, friendly church family. We wouldn’t trade our experience here for anything and desire for others like you to enjoy this church family, too. Please be sure to visit us for Bible Study on Wednesday nights.

In short, you will find us to be a God centered, caring community of individuals who are excited about having the opportunity to extend to you the same love, hope and joy we have received from the Lord. Please know that you are welcome and invited to participate in any program and/or ministries of this congregation. You need not be a “member” to participate. Everyone is welcome.

At the present time, if there is a way we can be helpful to you and/or your family, please let us know. We are here for you, and look forward to the opportunity to be of service.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Sidney Williams