Leadership is something God takes seriously, and so do we. Jesus Christ is the “head of the body, the church” as taught in Colossians 1:18. Because of this, we consider Jesus as the leader, the “Chief Sheppard,” or the Head of the Church. The men and women who lead the church must lead like Jesus—not to replace him, but to follow him and serve his Church, as described in the Bible. Though our leaders are imperfect and incomplete, by God’s grace they can still reflect the One who teaches, loves, and leads the way to God for His glory and our joy.

Pastor, Elder, and Bishop are all synonymous terms in the Bible, persons who are called, Biblically qualified, and tested to lead the Church. In our Church, Bishops have jurisdictional oversight over local churches and are responsible for appointing Pastors annually or as need arises. Presiding Elders are appointed by the Bishop to assist in carrying out these duties by meeting with our congregation quarterly to assess our growth and financial status.

Stewards, Trustees and Ministry Leaders are servants who assist the Pastor in overseeing many of the ministries of Bethel Church. They too are called, Biblically qualified, and tested to serve in their respective roles.

Please take a moment to review or Pulpit Staff and Official Board Members for information about those who serve in different roles of leadership at Bethel.