Our Ministries

We are called to serve Christ, our Church and our Community in many different ways. Whether you are a student, single or married there is a ministry designed for you. We encourage you to explore the ministry opportunities available for you and to become a part of what God has provided for us.

Prayer Ministry

The mission of the Prayer Ministry of Bethel Church is to seek God for His presence and purposes to be realized as we gather for worship, fellowship and instruction from His word. Prayer is an absolutely integral part in every single ministry and service of Bethel Church, so we invite you to come join us as we come before the Lord for a time of prayer, worship, and fellowship!

Ministry of Christian Education

The Ministry of Christian Education exists for the purpose of providing a comprehensive curriculum that assists in the process of shaping Christian discipleship. The Ministry of Christian Education seeks to assist existing ministries with the equipping of members for ministry.

Young Adult Ministry

The Young Adult Ministry encourages, empowers and equips young adults to serve God in all areas of their lives. They do this through relationships with one another, study of God's word, and serving the communities that they live or work in.

Married Couples Ministry

The Married Couples Ministry celebrates the joys of marriage, cultivates a Christian world view of marriage, and to promote God's word as the blueprint for marriage. We achieve this through Fellowship, Enlightenment, Bonding and Dialogue.

Women’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry is a gathering place for women to encourage one another and be inspired and challenged to know God through prayer groups, Bible studies, weekend retreats, conferences, day trips, opportunities to serve, and more.

Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Ministry exists for the purpose Encouraging men to connect to Christ and to other men, Equipping them to lead (at home, at work and in the church) and Empowering them to serve the Lord.

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry exists for the purpose of providing music for all worship experiences. The Music Ministry seeks to shape a comprehensive music program that teaches, prepares, and ministers music that honors God. There currently three components to the Music Ministry: Praise Team, Mass Choir, Gospel Choir, Men’s Chorus, Youth Choir.

Media Ministry

Audio and Visual technology to ensure quality representation of the ministry.

Usher’s and Greeter’s Ministry

The Usher’s and Greeter’s Ministry exists for the purpose of assisting in welcoming and directing of congregants within worship experience. The Ushers also seek to provide assistance to the Pastor, Clergy, or Worship Leader in orchestrating orderly worship.

Nurses’ Ministry

The Nurses’ Ministry exists for the purpose of providing basic assistance to distress, or needy worshipers, First Aid, and assistance to the Pastor. The Nurses Ministry seeks to facilitate, train, and provide service as needed.

Steward's Ministry

The Steward’s Ministry exists to support the Pastor and Clergy in matters of spiritual formation, planning of worship services as well as ministry needs, including the accounting of all funds received for ministry.

Stewardess’ Ministry

The Stewardess’ Ministry exists to support the Clergy and Stewards in providing the implements and elements of Love Feast, Holy Communion, and Holy Baptism as well as prepare the altar for all worship services. Stewardesses also support the other ministries in visiting the sick and shut-in on the first Sunday of the month.

Trustee’s Ministry

The Trustees of Bethel Church are entrusted with the task of making improvements to our Church and other properties and ensuring that all members and guests worship in a clean and safe environment.