All ministry leaders should be advised of the following protocols:

At the conclusion of each meeting, any suggested activities or recommendations for the ministry must have the Pastor’s consent  prior to being presented to the Official Board, announced in Church, placed in the Monthly Program or on the Church’s calendar.

Make sure that your recommended events:

  • reflect the goals and vision of your ministry,
  • do not conflict with an existing event
  • meet your organization’s budgetary guidelines or presents a reasonable reimbursement plan
  • are presented timely to the congregation
  • are presented to the Pastor to be placed on the website and in the church program,
  • are forwarded to the Church Secretary for inclusion in the Monthly Program

As a ministry leader, you may seek persons within the congregation as well as non-members to join and support your ministry, however, you should understand that the following positions are pastoral appointments and as such, invitations should not be extended to:

  • Stewards
  • Stewardess
  • Stewardship and Finance
  • Class Leaders/Tribe Leaders

Trustees are nominated by the Pastor and are Elected by the Church Conference.  Additionally, Tribe Leaders, ministry leaders, etc., are pastoral appointments.