Planning and Assistance

  •  The Bethel sanctuary is available for funerals and memorial services for members of the congregation and non-members. Please consult with a member of our Pulpit Staff if you have questions. When possible, it is a good idea to plan the funeral liturgy well before the death of a Christian to avoid planning during a time of grieving. Such planning offers an occasion for the Pastor to talk seriously about the Christian hope of the resurrection of the dead through Jesus Christ.  If you would like to arrange a meeting to discuss a funeral with our Pastor, please contact the church office.
  • When a member dies, a member of our Pulpit Staff is available to walk through the process  of  remembering and  celebrating the  life  of  a  loved one. For pastoral care and to help in planning, the Pulpit Staff should be notified immediately upon the death of a loved. For members who have served the church at District or Conference level, our Pastor will notify the Bishop and Conference Officers.
  • When our Pastor conducts a funeral, he or a member of our Pulpit Staff oversees the planning. We consider the wishes of the family, but we ensure that  the  funeral  is  well planned  and  dignified,  with the appropriate music  and  brief addresses  and  sermons  centered  on  the  gospel,  including  the  comfort afforded by the Savior’s Atonement and Resurrection. Members of the family should not feel obligated to speak or otherwise participate in the service.
  • As a matter of courtesy to those who attend, services should not be too long. Funerals that last more than ninety minutes place an undue burden on those attending and participating.
  • Funerals provide an important opportunity to teach the gospel and testify of the plan of salvation. They also provide an opportunity to pay tribute to the deceased. However, such tributes should not dominate a funeral service. Having large numbers of people share tributes or memories can make a funeral too long and may be inappropriate for a Church service. If family members want an extended time to share such memories, they may consider doing so in a special family gathering, separate from the funeral service, such as a Wake.
  • Bulletin (or printed order of worship): The church office staff will ordinarily produce the bulletin (or printed order of worship) for all funerals. Special requests should be made as early as possible.
  • We recommend that if cremation is chosen that the body be so disposed of after the funeral.