We believe that prayer is how we actively commune with God our Father and it is how we continue reaching for a deeper relationship with God. We connect with God at our soul-level, from the place that is our truest, most vulnerable self. We talk with God from that place and express our love and gratefulness. We experience God's love in prayer and feel affirmed and inspired to discover and become the person that God intended us to be.

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We believe that love is a verb. Love in action. We love God, we pray, we seek God's closeness. We love each other and take action to show that in word and deed. We are aware that forgiveness is an important aspect of love and acknowledge that loving relationships demand that we keep loving when relationships get ugly and out of balance. We are constant and reliable in our expression of love. We are also aware that we need to learn to love ourselves.


We believe in respect for human dignity and that respect is an expression of love. We do not force our opinions on others, even if we disagree with their choices or how they live their lives. We acknowledge that we do not fully understand the fears, hopes, and challenges of all individuals. Yet, we are intentional in offering ourselves in love and support. We strive to create relationships of sharing and trust and remain available to help each other, as we travel our own inward journeys.